Our Christmas Wish by Davyhulme Primary!

We are so proud to see that the song written and performed by the digital leaders in our school is now available to download on iTunes and Google Play!

In the process of making the song, we decided to choose a charity for all the money made from the project to go to. After doing some research, we decided on the Save the Children charity. The children felt Christmas is a special time for children and wanted to make sure that every child can enjoy Christmas in a safe environment.

Everything with the project was created on an iPad, the artwork, song and video!

You can watch the video here and then download the song to try and help us get in the charts!

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

Numbers in French

Like every French lesson we have done our French numbers today, 80 (quarante-vingt) was our target for this Friday, we achieved our target by making sure we were dedicated to achieving our goal. Madam Underwood encouraged us and urged us on this is what made us successful. So yeah there you have it numbers in French.


Today in Spanish we are using the iPads to help us learn more about the language itself and words that must be known to speak the language.


Today in maths we learned to turn remainders into fraction and decimals.Can’t wait for another lesson!


In science we have been learning about the upper parts of the human body like:heart lungs brain. Also how smoking effects the lungs and how the addictive thing in a minaret is nicotine.